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Summary of endowment balances and earnings

Balances as of 06/30/2020

Earnings from 01/01/2007 through 6/30/2020

We have included information relative to financial information of the Foundation.

  • Balances Column deals with the balances of the accounts managed by the Foundation.

  • Earnings Column details the earnings distributions to beneficiaries of Foundation accounts from 2007 to June 30, 2020.


The records of the Foundation were automated in 2007; therefore, actual distributions from 1985 to 2007 are not included with the analysis since that information was not maintained during that period. From inception, the financial statements of the Foundation have been audited and/or reviewed by the public accounting firm of Payne, Moore and Herrington, LLC.


During its existence, the Foundation has contributed $70,000 to the Diocese of Alexandria Priests’ Retirement Fund and $ 75,000 to Holy Savior Menard High School. These contributions were from funds of the Foundation and not from established endowment accounts.

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